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All Kinds of Bitumen

All Kinds of Bitumen offered by us:

We are very serious when it comes to supply of Commodities and accept to work with serious buyers that provide correct documentation; we do not facilitate long chain of brokers or speculators between the buyers and sellers.

 Detailed Product Description:

Product : Bitumen 80/100 ,60/70 (Major)

Supply Ability : 500 MT up to 50,000 MT per Month or annual contracts

Origin      :  Iran

Packing  : New/Reconditioned  Drums  OR PP Bags (seasonal)

Every shipment is insured against contamination and loss.

Contract Length  : Not exceeding 12 


Payment Types: Irrevocable, Confirmed, Transferable /Non –Transferable, Unconditional, Divisible, Auto Revolving FFRDLC /RDLC/ DLC/SBLC/ BG, Payable 100 % at sight against shipped quantity.

Inspections : By SGS (Societe General de Surveillance ) Or Another compatible World class inspection organization at port of loading, confirming that the commodity meets the specifications supplied at loading port at sellers cost for quality , quantity photos of the product 

PB : Not more then 2% of each shipment value

(NOTE: PB/PG will not be supplied for any order below 5000 MT)

Competitive prices & On time documentation

Total quality and customer service, always!

We do not offer samples, past performances, Bill of lading or allocation letters. Genuine Buyers may only contact us.




Specific Gravity    @ 25/25’C  1.00/1.05  D-70 

Penetration         @ 25’C  80/100  D-5 

Softening           Point’C  45/52  D-36 

Ductility           @25’C  100 min  D-113 

Loss on Heating (wt)%  0.5 max  D-6 

Drop in Penetration 

after Heating       %  20 max  D-6 & D-5 

Flash Point’C       225 min  D-92 

Solubility in CS2(wt)%  99.5 min  D-4 

Organic Matter 

Insoluble in CS2(wt)%  0.2 max  D-4 

Spot test  Negative  *A.A.S.H.O.T.102 




Specific Gravity @ 25/25’C  1.01/1.06  D-70 

Penetration      @ 25’C  60/70  D-5 

Softening        Point’C  49/56  D-36 

Ductility        @25’C  100 min  D-113 

Loss on Heating (wt)%   0.2 max  D-6 

Drop in Penetration 

after Heating       %   20 max  D-6 & D-5 

Flash Point’C  250 min  D-92  

Solubility in CS2(wt)%  99.5 min  D-4 

Spot test  Negative  *A.A.S.H.O.T.102 

Standard Procedures:

The buyer and seller sign the NCND agreement.

The buyer issues a LOI & BCL or full banking co-ordinates and authorization to conduct a Soft Probe.

The seller issues a Full Corporate Offer. The buyer signs, stamps and returns this document indicating that they accept the offer and its terms and conditions.

The seller issues a Draft Contract. The buyer signs, stamps and returns this document within 5 business days, indicating that they accept the contract and its terms and conditions. Any facsimile or electronic copies shall be considered as the original.

The seller issues and sends by courier two (2) original Final Contracts to the buyer. The buyer signs and stamps both originals, retaining one (1) original themselves and sending by courier one (1) original to the seller.

Within five (5) banking days after delivery by courier to the seller of the signed original Final Contract, the buyer opens a financial instrument and then provides the seller with a Non Operative Financial Instrument for approval prior to being forwarded to the seller’s bank.

Within seven (7) banking days after receipt of Non Operative Financial Instrument acceptable to the seller and the sellers bank, the seller issues a fully active two (2%) percent Performance Bond of the Letter of Credit monthly value.

The Letter of Credit becomes fully active. After receipt and confirmation of operative financial instrument acceptable to the seller ,the sellers bank provides Proof of Product (POP) to the buyer’s bank via swift message

Shipments commence as detailed in the Final Contract within 30-45 days of letter of credit being activated

BCL must indicate an available value at buyer's account as necessary to complete the deal. After received buyer's non-operative l/c, seller invite buyer come to brazil to visit loading port. 

Payment instrument must be issued by/or confirmed by top 50 banks of the world.  

Note: For 80/100 we just need PO after getting agreed price and get Proforma Invoice to open LC.



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