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Crown Heat Reflector Coatings specializes in application of industrial and residential heat reflective coatings. Our product is industry tested and industry proven. Our customers are not limited to just residential, we offer commercial and industrial applications as well. 
Approved and accepted with Energy Star for saving energy. 
Heat Reflector Coating falls within the ASHRAE 90.1 Compliance Rating and is acceptable.
ASTM E 903-96 Reflectivity=80% 
Only 10% Reduction in Reflectivity over 3 Years (30% over 10 years)
Key Benefits of Crown Heat Reflector Coating...!
  • Reflects Sun Radiation 
  • Retard Heat Conduction 
  • Surface Remains Tough 
  • Water-Proof 
  • Fire-Resistant 
  • Long Life Span 
  • Reduce Cost of Air-Conditioning


  • Reflects 98% of heat in roofs / ceilings / walls.
  • Reduces Internal temperature of building up to 15°C.
  • Reduces evaporation losses, pollution, smog, the urban heat island effect and global warming.
  • Quick payback period - saves over Rs 20000 / year for every 1°C temperature reduction – saves over 40% in energy bills for Air conditioner.
  • Conventional insulation system only slows the rate of heat transfer - cannot stop radiant heat.
  • Resistant to acid rain, UV rays, Saline atmosphere & condensation.


  • Buildings
  • Pipelines
  • Oil & Gas Storage Tanks
  • Refrigerated Cold Storage Facilities
  • Mobile & Modular homes
  • Roofs
  • Wall Facade Coatings
  • Commercial Buildings



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