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Athletic Socks / Sports Socks

 Athletic socks for sports and exercise are also ideal for leisure activities. Soft yet durable performance yarns work well for low cut and quarter crew styles. We also can add many performance features such as cushioning, knit-in arch support system, reinforced toe and heels, and blister guards.

Important Athletic Sock Features:
The two most important qualities for any athletic sock are fit and moisture-wicking. A good fit keeps socks from sliding and reduces friction which can cause blisters. Moisture wicking moves sweat away from your feet to the surface of the sock, keeping you dry. 
Cushioning If your feet need extra shock absorption and/or greater durability, look for styles with cushioning in the sole, heel and instep. 
Weight Generally, people prefer light weight socks for running and more cushioning for longer endeavors, such as walking, hiking or standing all day. Depending on the height of your instep, the fit of your shoes and the temperature of your sport, choose the weight of your sock to fit your preference. 
Height With athletic socks, this is purely a personal preference. Most styles are available in crew length, quarter length and ankle. 
Colors Choose the traditional plain, white athletic sock, or choose from a wide variety of colors and designs to suit how you roll. Whatever tickles your toes! 
We also can export following types of socks:
- Athletic Socks / Sports Socks
- Boot Socks
- Liner Socks
- Work Socks
- Men's Casual & Dress Socks
- Ladies' Casual & Dress Socks
- Medical Socks
Boot Socks : These socks are made to be worn with boots in rugged outdoor conditions. Fibers and construction emphasize thermal insulation, durability and strategic padding to protect against boot friction for maximum comfort outdoors.
Liner Socks : Light weight All of our liners are extemely thin and add no bulk to the foot, but are made of comfortable, light-weight fibers that wick moisture away from the foot. This makes for an extremely-comfortable layer directly next to the skin. 
Temperature Control Control the amount of insulation you need by adding a layer, or staying cool and smooth with just the liner.
Work Socks : These socks are designed to handle high-activity, extreme conditions and rugged footwear. When you're on your feet all day, you know the importance of comfort, moisture-wicking and temperature control, as well as fit and strategic cushioning/padding
Men's Casual & Dress Socks : Many fun, trend right patterns in short crews, crew length, or knee highs. Soft combed cotton or rayon yarns are ideal for creating colorful designs. Perfect for mixing and matching with your sportswear apparel collection.
Ladies' Casual & Dress Socks
Aerobic Sock Colors: Some sample colors are: White, Black, Natural, Heather Grey, Red, Navy, Light Yellow, Bright Yellow, Purple, Khaki, Olive, Light Blue, Electric Blue, Teal, Light Pink, Bright Pink, Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Hunter Green, Tangerine, Melon.
Ladies Casual Crew: Cotton construction with welt top.
Ladies Quarter Sock: Cotton welt top quarter socks.
Ladies No Top Sock: Cotton sock with no top.
Ladies KP Cotton Cuffed Anklet: Sample colors are: Black, Navy, White, Pink, Light Blue, Yellow, Natural, Assorted fashion colors.
Ladies Super Soft Acrylic Anklet: Sample colors are: White, Black, Navy, Pink, Yellow or Light Blue.
Ladies Pima Cotton Anklet: Sample colors are: White, Black, Navy, Pink, Yellow and Light Blue
Ladies Super Soft Acrylic Knee Hi: Sample colors are: White, Black, Navy, Khaki, Pink, Yellow and Light Blue.
Ladies Golf Appliqué: White cuff anklet with assorted golf logos.
Diabetic Sock : Non constricting super stretch extra length top will fit swollen legs with comfort. Non binding cotton leg and foot. Excellent for diabetics with poor circulation in the legs.


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