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Valves (Gate, Check, Globe, Butterfly, Ball, Jacketed Valves & Pipes, Fittings)

AKS Trading Corporation a rapidly growing company is the respected name as one of the leading importers and sellers of Valves, Pipes, Fittings and related equipments in Pakistan. 

We earned the reputation through a philosophy of total dedication to quality, innovation and customer service. Our main mission is to produce an unrivalled level of production as well as performance. We are confident that the performance of our NIKO valve coupled with our exemplary service to our customers has been rout of our success.

We have set up the close Quality control system and carry out the technical standard our Products strictly, so the quality of our products is steady and reliable. We are traders mainly including gate valves, globe valve, check valves, Ball valves, jacketed valve, butterfly valves, Strainer, Flanges, Rubber expansion Joint and double regulating commissioning balancing valve.

Our products are in accordance with most international standards such as ASTM, BS, ANSI/API, JIS and DIN.  We use proper type of materials in order to fit the requirement of customer in VALVES, PIPES & FITTINGS. We also adopt appropriate transmission system including manual gear system gear system. Our customers highly praise us from different industries such as HVAC, petroleum, chemical and Gas, Suger, Textiles & WAPDA.

Types of Valves

Valves are quite diverse and may be classified into a number of basic and specific types. Valves may also be classified by how they are actuated:

  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic
  • Manual
  • Solenoid
  • Motor

Valves can be categorized into the following basic types:

Ball valve, for on/off control without pressure drop, and ideal for quick shut-off, since a 90° turn offers complete               shut-off angle, compared to multiple turns required on most manual valves.

Butterfly valve, for flow regulation in large pipe diameters.

Ceramic Disc valve, used mainly in high duty cycle applications or on abrasive fluids. Ceramic disc can also provide             Class IV seat leakage

Check valve or non-return valve, allows the fluid to pass in one direction only.

Choke valve, a valve that raises or lowers a solid cylinder which is placed around or inside another cylinder which has         holes or slots. Used for high pressure drops found in oil and gas wellheads.

Diaphragm valve, which controls flow by a movement of a diaphragm. Upstream pressure, downstream pressure, or            an external source (e.g., pneumatic, hydraulic, etc.) can be used to change the position of the diaphragm.

Gate valve, mainly for on/off control, with low pressure drop.

Globe valve, good for regulating flow.

Knife valve, similar to a gate valve, but usually more compact. Often used for slurries or powders on/off control.

Needle valve for accurate flow control.

Pinch valve, for slurry flow regulation.

Piston valve, for regulating fluids that carry solids in suspension.

Plug valve, slim valve for on/off control but with some pressure drop.

Poppet valve

Spool valve, for hydraulic control

Thermal expansion valve, used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Pressure Reducing Valve

Sampling valves

Safety valves

We mostly having stocks of the following types & items.

Gate Valve


Gate Valve


Check Valve


Globe Valve


"Y" Type Stainer


Wafer Butterfly Valve


Double Regulating Valve


Cast Steel Gate Valve


Gate Valve


Wafer Type Butterfly Valve


AKS Trading Corporation specializes in supplying heavy wall (MS) Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Chrome-Moly Steel pipes, fittings, and flanges used extensively in the oil & gas, water, HVAC and power generation industries as well as for manufacturing and construction applications. Our strong relationships with manufacturers across the world and expertise in sourcing quality pipe and components have been the catalysts to our extraordinary growth.

The complex chemical and physical properties of the various grades of carbon steel pipe allow for a broad range of service usage. AKS Trading has the right grade, size and price to meet your requirements including A/SA-106 Grade B/C and API 5L X- 42 thru X -70. A/SA-106 Grades B & C are utilized for services ranging from structural supports to steam drum headers with temperature ranges up to 800°F while API 5L X Grades 42 thru 70 are utilized for the water and petroleum industry to transport liquids or as platforms on off shore rigs.

1/2” Nominal to 24”O.D. Seamless Pipe
Wall Thicknesses – Schedule 40 up to 4.000”

Standard Carbon Steel Pipe Specifications & Grades

    A/SA-106 – Grades B & C
    A/SA-53 Seamless – Grade B

Flanges & Fittings

    Carbon Steel Butt Weld Fittings: A/SA-234 WPB * WPC
    Carbon Steel Forged Fittings: A/SA-105
    Carbon Steel Flanges: A/SA 105

High Yield Carbon Steel Pipe Specifications & Grades

    API5L Seamless – Grades B (X42, X52, X60, X65 and above)

Request Information about Heavy Wall Seamless Carbon PipeHigh Yield Carbon Steel Flanges & Fittings

    High Yield Butt Weld Fittings: A- 860 or MSS SP75
    WPHY42 (Y52, Y56, Y60, Y65)
    High Yield Flanges: A-694 (F42, F52, F56, F60, F-65)

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