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Wheat, Flour (Atta), Fine Flour (Maida) & Farina (Sooji)

Government of Pakistan has opened the export of Pakistani Wheat & Wheat products for a very limited time so whoever is interested in buying Pakistani Wheat we can give them at very low rates and best quality, however Pakistani wheat is low in price comparing other country wheat, so we request all the buyer who are real buyers contact us without wasting time, its is for very short time offer as below. We must have your buyer's own specifications for flour and fine flour for regular good business.  

Pakistani Wheat 

The specification of Pakistani wheat is as follows:

Moisture: 12%

Protein on dry basis: 11.5% min

Test weight: 78 kg/hl min

Foreign matter(non edible) 0.5% max

Foreing matter (edible) 1.5% max

Damaged grain 1% max

Broken grain 2% max

Wet gluten 26% min

Falling nos 450 per sec min

Insect damage 0.05% max

Live insect nil

FOB Price is $335/PMT (Per Metric Ton)    


Specification of Flour (Atta) which are going on presently.

Moisture. 14.5%

Protein. 13%

Ash. 0.92%

Wet Gluten. 27%

Sedimentation. 62

Falling No. 650.

Grinding from Fresh Crop 2010

FOB Price is $425/PMT  


Fine Flour (Maida) 

FOB Price is $435/PMT


Farina (Sooji )

FOB Price is $435/PMT


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